Great news! Yangon's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Film Festival
23rd July 2014 Yangon – Myanmar
Great news! Yangon's Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Film Festival is coming, and its fixed for 15 and 16 November 2014. Watch this space for more details. The Yangon LGBT film festival will celebrate the breadth and diversity of Asian LGBT lives. Focusing on films from South East Asia, the festival will bring together film makers, actors, and producers to show and discuss their work. Our aim is to showcase the wealth of LGBT experience, with films from nearly all ASEAN nations, and as much focus on transgender communities as on lesbian, gay and bisexual ones. The festival welcomes documentary and fictional films, long and short. All films will be subtitled in Burmese, and directors, producers and actors will be invited to discuss their work with the audience in open sessions between showings.
Dhanteras Week SALES on contemporary affordable art works from Indian and International artists.
29th October - 2nd November 2013 Gallery Open till 9:00 pm
Dhanteras Week double with our ongoing show by Diana Valarezo Diana has concluded her residence at The Writing Room. She concludes a review of her nomadic life and experiences in a solo show that reflects on her first impressions, and new cartographies of her body, soul and mind. This line exhibition shows works from the last 10 years in mix media, photography, ceramics, and paintings. And at the same time we give you the chance to celebrate Diwali with a range of Indian and international artworks on sale to bring light, luck, and splendor to all homes. Please do check our web site www.abadiartspace for artworks request send us an e-mail or visit us in Lado Sarai Art Street.
Just Another Usual Day - The Prayer Flags
October 2013
Just Another Usual Day - The Prayer Flags is a collective and collaborative effort conceptualized under the curatorial supervision of photographer Sandeep Biswas. This project will have over 20 participants who have been students of photography and have studied photography under Sandeep Biswas in various photography institutes like Apex Institute of Photographic Excellence, Delhi School of Photography, Indian School of Photography and Udaan School of Photography in New Delhi. Every participant has created one image according to their interpretation of the concept, which they will submit as a print to the gallery. These prints will have their brief interpretation written in their own handwriting behind each print. 
The curators Sandeep Biswas conceptualized the images into a photographic installation, which is part the exhibition Unnatural Landscape: an exhibition that reflects on nature, human intervention and city environments.
OUTcast at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA)
August 2013
Sumit Baudh is awarded fellowship to enroll in the Doctor of Juridical Science (S.J.D.) program at the prestigious University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). In line with Project OUTcaste, Baudh's S.J.D. thesis explores the intersection of Dalit castes and queer sexualities. He hopes to integrate scientific and artistic pursuits to evolve innovative research methods and to present his groundbreaking work.
12th to 15th July 2013.
7 art galleries of Lado Sarai have come together to host an exciting collection of artworks in 'The Collector's Weekend' from 12th to 15th July 2013. The concept of the four day event is simple, yet unique and aims at creating an inspiring and friendly atmosphere in the popular art district of Lado Sarai where one will be able to find thousands of original paintings, prints, sculptures and photographs, on special prices between a bracket of Rs.3000 to Rs.3,00,000. Abadi Art Space Selected Artists: Baaraan Ijlal - Diana Valarezo - Jose Abad Lorente - Manmeet Devgun - Sandeep Biswas - Sumit Baudh - Vineet Kumar. Further details contact:
Feb 2013
Disability Studies in India Global Discourses Local Realities EDITOR: Renu Addlakha Chapter 12 Body/Text: Art Project on Deafness and Communication JOSÉ ABAD LORENTE This chapter describes a collaborative and interdisciplinary art project conducted by the author with the Deaf community in New Delhi in 2008. It explores disability and representation through contemporary visual art practice
Art night
2 Feb 2013
Manmeet Devgun as part of Queering Making II exhibition presents a performance “What we cannot see”
Skoda Prize
29 Jan 2013
Artist Manmeet Devgun shortlisted for India’s most prestigious contemporary art award, the Skoda Prize.
Skoda Prize Exhibition
29 Jan 2013
The Honour Cloud Performance by Manmmet Devgun at NGMA | Photograp by Hemant Sareen
FLTR You Know Performance by Sumit Baudh
Dec 7 2012 from 6 to 8 pm
FLTR You Know blends performer, performance and viewers into a single frame.It blurs the boundaries between self and others.
Mayuka Ueno-Gayer Frozen in Time
Feb 18. 2012
Contemporary dance performance by Mayuka Ueno-Gayer in response to the photography exhibition, Frozen in Time.
India Art Fair
25-29 January 2012, New Delhi
Abadi art space will be participating in the India Art Fair. We will be showcasing works by Daliborka Obradivic, Manmeet Devgun, Prashast Kachru, Shivani Aggarwal and Vineet Kumar.
Nigah Queerfest
18 Nov – 25 Nov 2011
Abadi Art space hosted workshops on body image as part of the Queer fest.
28 Sep – 8 Oct 2011
Sumit Baudh will launch a work-in-progress “Project OUTcaste” – on the subject of caste, gender and sexuality. Project OUTcaste is focused on Dalits and Queers. Dalit literally translates as downtrodden, Queer as odd. Dalit refers to people who have been oppressed for centuries in the Hindu caste system. The project investigates simultaneously the two axes of social exclusion: caste on one hand, sexual orientation and gender identity on the other.
Jewellery installation
June 2011
Jewellery designs by Claudia von Hansemann as part of "and the Red" Exhibition.
Black Freighter Performance by Dieperiye Kuku
4 Feb 2011
A dance performance by Dieperiye Kuku using the music of Nina Simone to explore race as part of "Black & White" Exhibition