La Casa – Art Projects | Beijing-2001 – 2003
La Casa – Art Projects
Beijing-2001 – 2003

La Casa – Art Projects was independent curating initiative developed in Beijing from 2001 to 2003. This was a pioneer art project that explored diverse art forms to create art exhibitions in non-conventional spaces like private homes, hospitals and schools.

La Casa was also a community art project that used art as tool to represent marginalized communities in China and developed projects such us:

“The Three Primary Colors Workshop” in co-operation with Beijing Hui Ling Community Services – For People Living With Learning Disabilities.

Positive Art Workshop in Co-operation with Beijing You An Hospital. A community art project developed You An Hospital for People Living With HIV/AIDS

Founders: Dina Valarezo, José Abad Lorente

La Casa Art Projects – History

“La Casa” refers to both physical and emotional space – not only ‘the house,’ but also ‘the home.’ It is shared, living space. In this familiar but often spontaneous environment, we meet to engage art in our everyday way of living.

La Casa uses private houses or spaces as alternative venues to curated artistic plans, musical recitals and live theatre – our art events and performances are not limited to conventional venues. Utilizing a variety of spaces for art, shows and events is significant to La Casa, as this allows us a greater range of projects to illustrate support for all who are interested in our concept.


La Casa – Art Projects is an international independent curational art project that seeks to promote diverse artistic media (both Chinese and international) in non–conventional places.

Created in March 2001 in Beijing, China, Art projects strives to involve the community through art experiences. These collaborative art projects necessitate cooperation between artists and social actors. Various projects include curating exhibitions for the promotion of art and the designing of art workshops for specific marginalized groups in society.

This approach gathers people together to enjoy art in a more relaxed and natural way – the final results are the collaboration that occurs between people with creative ideas – one that is not limited to the traditional definition of art as only occurring among artists.

As many of our themes center around current social issues, we present a similar forum for discussion and awareness – one that is relaxed and socially integrative.


We believe that ‘art’ is not written in capitals: art can be found in daily objects and our own living spaces. We seek to fashion an interpretation of art that truly integrates art into the common environment.

We are sure that after you become familiar with our activities and projects, you will join our aims with spirit and passion for this integration of art into our daily lives.

Our future plans are to develop art within the community through s as a way toward self-expression and self-integration. This will contribute toward building appreciation, learning, discussion, and enjoyment of art.


• Exhibitions in private houses and non-conventional spaces.

• PRIMARY COLORS – An arts & crafts pilot-project workshop for Beijing Hui Ling, a community service for people with leaning disabilities.

• Set design for local theatre performances.

• Weekly events involving the community to raise awareness of specific issues or/and concepts.

• POSITIVE ART WORKSHOP – a year-long project supported by the Ford Foundation for HIV and AIDS patients at You An Hospital, Beijing. This includes the production of sellable items such as calendars, postcards, posters and T-shirts based on a series of paintings and calligraphy from the Workshops.

La Casa was founded on mutual interests and a shared experience of living in Beijing China. Its realization was intended to create and promote art events and curated exhibitions organized by two working artists:

Diana Valarezo, Ecuador
José Abad Lorente, Spain

La Casa – Art Projects Friends

Supporting with Houses and spaces

• William Stewart, Beijing, China
• Dalida Turkovich, , Beijing, China
• Beijing Hui Ling Community Services –
For people living with learning disabilities
• Claudia Vogg , Beijing, China
• Western Academy, Beijing, China
• Yan Club, 798 Art Zone, Beijing, China
• Beijing You An Hospital.

Supporting Artists

• Black Market Production/ Xiao Wei, Xiao Zhan Da Li – Video (China)
• Bresner Galina – Musician (Russia)
• Chinnery Colin – Visual artist (UK)
• Din Jing – Visual artist (China)
• Dudek Ingrid – Visual research-artist (USA)
• Fathers Frankie – Visual artist (UK)
• Liu Kun – Visual artist (China)
• Liu Li Yun – Visual artist (China)
• Lui Ding – Visual artist (China)
• Mad City Productions – Theater production
• Oyarce Danilo – Visual artist (Peru)
• Ritsuko Saito – Visual artist( Japan)
• Second Hand Roses – Music Group (China)
• Shao Yan – Calligrapher (China)
• Shen Haoyu – Visual artist (China)
• Sheng Qi – Visual artist (China)
• Sun Pu – Visual artist (China)
• Sun Yi – Visual artist (China)
• Takahashi Haruki – Visual artist (Japan)
• Wei Li Gang – Calligrapher (China)
• Zhang Dali – Visual artist (China)
• Zhang Li – Visual artist (China)
• Zhang Da Wo – Calligrapher (China)
• Zhao Tie Lin- Photographer (China)
• Zhu Ming- Performace artist( China)

Supported Exhibitions

• ALLIANCE International HIV/AIDS – Supporting Community Action on AIDS in Developing Countries.
• United Nations Development Program (UNDP )
• International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies Regional Office for East Asia.
• Small Steps, Ltd.

Supported Grants

• The Ford Foundation, Beijing, China
Positive Art Workshop